Posted on June 30, 2020 1:09 pm
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These classic UFO cases might be called The Saucers That Weren’t. Curt Collins narrates a probably-unintended hoax that consumed Air Force money and time, providing fodder for UFO debunking near the dawn of the modern UFO era. Kevin Randle needs more hopefully “original” sources to research a rather iffy story about silent objects each “so enormous it blotted out the stars” at A Secret Base in New Mexico – 1957. And Nick Redfern sees another amazing conspiracy theory supplying energy to his own in From Rendlesham Forest to Project Blue Beam: Holograms and Lies. Nick is of course selling his most recent book The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy: A Close Encounter Exposed as a Top Secret Government Experiment. But he does an interesting job supporting that title by reference to the “infamous” Blue Beam supposed world-domination plan invoking a machine washer-load of disparate agencies. (WM)

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