Posted on June 26, 2020 7:23 pm
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Predictably, Tom DeLonge is claiming credit for his organization’s fostering the Senate Intelligence Committee’s requiring an evaluation of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” in a draft “Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2021.” Predictably, Jason Colavito is unhappy about it. But Jason does grudgingly give credit where it’s due to the To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science team for the development, and also notes the bill “asks for the creation of an ‘individual’ who would coordinate UFO analysis and reporting across the whole government–a UFO czar!” It’s also a bit fun to see LiveScience’s Rafi Letzter write a rather straightforward article that the Pentagon Should Release UFO Report, Senate Intelligence Committee Argues. Letzter also allows that Agence France-Press has analyzed the announcement, so others abroad are regarding this with interest. And Mystery Wire takes advantage of the news to headline Before the UAP Task Force there was BAASS – Hear from the Man behind the Once Secret Program. That would be Hal Puthoff, whose June 2018 speech (included in this article) was “his first-ever public appearance about the secret [AATIP/BAASS] study.” (WM)

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